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Has my digital identity taken over?

July 7, 2009

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I played chess with (or rather against) my cousin. As surprising as it may sound, I do know how to play. Whats interesting about that you ask? Well, although we were sitting right next to each other, we didn’t play on a regular board with regular pieces; we played chess on Facebook through a application. Has my digital identity taken over?!

Until a couple of years back I had no real digital identity to speak of. I wasn’t present on any social networking sites. I didn’t have a blog, I didn’t read blogs and although I did have an email address, I never used it. I never had a need for a digital identity. I was happy enough going to college, playing sports, playing boardgames, watching the occasional movie and hanging out (read drinking) with my friends. Remember the times when the most important social gauge was how many people showed up to your birthday party and not how many people follow you on Twitter? I kinda miss those days.

Today the first thing I do at work is check my work mail. I then check my personal mail. Then check my Facebook and Twitter accounts, then my blog, then a friends blog… by the time I’m done an hour has passed. That got me wondering whether I do all this just to pass the time at work or have I become addicted to the digital me? On one hand my Sundays haven’t changed much from 5 years ago (thank God). But on the other hand, I am posting this on my blog! What do you think; has my digital identity taken over?