Didn’t expect to find anyone here. Well if you really wanna know more about me, here goes.

I was born and brought up in Bangalore and I love this city. It’s beautiful. Anyone who hasn’t been here must visit. My family is a little nuts but then whose isn’t? I studyed (or was sent to study) at Vidya Niketan School, Hebbal. I swear it was good when I was there. I also spent a couple of years at Bishop Cottons. I then did my engineering (surprise!) from RV College of Engineering and an MBA from IIM Indore.

One thing I love doing and look forward to every week is playing football. I play every sunday morning at the Kamala Bai School ground on Queens Road. Come join in if you want to, the more the merrier. I also play tennis and I like sports in general. Usually when I get back home from a (hard?) day’s work I switch on the telly and watch some sports.

I love animals too. I’ve got 2 dogs, ebony a.k.a tommy and cheetah, and a cat named whiskey.

I’m sure you’re getting bored by now. Won’t keep you any longer. Happy surfing!


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