Big 10

Have you noticed the Big 10 buses that have recently been introduced in Bangalore. It was pointed out to me recently that the logo reads BIG in both English and Kannada.

The Big 10 Logo

The Big 10 Logo

I’m really impressed by BMTC’s newly acquired design sense (although I’m sure a design company hired by them designed the logo). It’s a really pleasant change from the drab looking buses that we usually come across. I’ve seen a few pictures of buses with really funky advertising. I like this quit smoking campaign.

Creative Bus Ad

Creative Bus Ad

Why don’t we have more such advertising in our country? I think it makes buses look a lot cooler than they usually look. Check out this link which has a few nice creative bus ads..

Anyone seen other nice ones?


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6 Responses to “Big 10”

  1. Gokul Says:

    Big 10 is a relevation in terms of Look and the feel of travel to. A number of Indian Service companies advertise on buses in UK and US ( Wipro, CTS)

    Once they start looking inward, maybe the buses, seats and hold-ons(just like Airport Buses) will be monetized.

    • sumanbhat Says:

      I heard a couple of Volvo routes to Electronics City and Whitefield have even started serving coffee and breakfast! Maybe “In-bus entertainment” with LCD screens and headphones for each seat is next! I’m sure IT companies will be willing to co-brand these buses, especially the ones that ply on these routes. Wonder if BMTC has thought about it

      • Pramod Says:

        Yeh. Its very good news. But not sure about the feasibility in all routes. Its quite difficult to serve food in overcrowded bus.

      • sumanbhat Says:

        Very true. but any initiative to increase use of the Volvo buses is good. Seems like most of them are far from crowded.

    • sumanbhat Says:

      Found a bus ad from Dabur. One of the few companies in India to advertise on buses I think. This ad was on a Mumbai – Pune Volvo bus

  2. Sneha Says:

    Hi Suman, Glad you liked the buses. Big10 logo and the bus were designed at our studio. Take a look at
    – Sneha

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